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Battlefield 3: Scavenger is Fun!/New Show Incoming

December 8th, 2012


Alphabetically by game. Section headers link to YouTube playlist.


Intro Rant
Dispatch 14-1
On Man Army-ing 17-3
Bookie On The Run 10-3
Nope 2 Dope 11-1

Battlefield 3

First Impressions (Beta)
Beta Verdict
Caspian Border/What Kinds of Vids? (Beta)
Operation Metro Live Commentary (Beta)
Battlefield Threesome (Beta)
Failgression Live Commentary (Beta)
My Last Beta Footage
Introducing "Meet the Weapon"
Meet the IRNV
Metro Conquest (Is Fail)
Vehicular Manslaughter
Advanced Attack Helicopter Tutorial
Vehicular Manslaughter 2 - Amtracing for Victory
TtC is Having a Bad Day... (Live Commentary)
Burst Fire Sniper Rifle
Conquest: Kharg
Lag Commentary
Is Hardcore Hardcore?
State of the Badassery
Dxtory is Awesome
Games from the LiveStream #1
TtC is Going on Holiday
TtC is Back!
How to Win Battlefield 3
Channel Update
How to Get a 3 K:D (Consistently!)
My Issues With The Game
Close Quarters DLC Announced! (My Thoughts)
Hello New People!
Spring Patch Impressions
The Ballad of Jeepran: The Soul of Our People
Do You Deathmatch/Post-Patch Attachment Setups
Where Mah Battlefield 3 At?
Problem, Meet the Weapon?
Battlefield Premium? (My Thoughts)
Crowdsourcing Video Topics
So I Bought Battlefield Premium...
Let's Talk Battlefield Premium (Again)
Close Quarters DLC Review
Let's Play Gun Master!
Close Quarters Tips
The True Battlefield Experience
Battlefield 4? Is The Golden Age Of Gaming Gone?
Should You Buy Medal of Honor Warfighter/BF4?
Only in Idiotfield 3: Fun With Helicopters!
What's Happenin' TtC?
Dat Colour Tweaker
It's Gone Now
EA, y u do dis?
Aftermath Impressions
Scavenger is Fun!/New Show Incoming   

The ZA Guide Part 1: Surviving

Battlefield 3: Meet the Weapon

Meet the M16 #1 - "Naked"
Meet the M16 #2 - "All Purpose Rifle"

Meet the M16 #3 - "Suppressed DMR"
Meet the AK-74M #1 - "Naked"
Meet the AK-74M #2 - "I don't have a name for this loadout." 

Meet the M416 #1 - "Naked"
Meet the M416 #2 - "Flanker"

Meet the KH2002 #1 - "Naked" 
Meet the KH2002 #2 - "Small Map Loadout" 
Meet the KH2002 #3 - "Battle Rifle" 

Meet the AEK-971 #1 - "Naked" 
Meet the AEK-971 #2 - "StealthMode" 
Meet the AEK-971 #3 - "Toy Gun" 

Meet the F2000 #1 - "Into the Firestorm"
Meet the F2000 #2 - "Tac Light" 
Meet the F2000 #3 - "Goto Loadout" 

Meet the AN-94 #1 - "Naked"
Meet the AN-94 #2 - "Defensive Loadout" 
Meet the AN-94 #3 - "Aggressive Loadout"
Meet the AN-94 #4 - "Redemption" 
Meet the G3A3 #1 - "Naked" 
Meet the G3A3 #2 -"Capitalise"
Meet the G3A3 #3 - "Compensate" 

Meet the FAMAS #1 - "Naked"  
Meet the FAMAS #2 - "This Time, It's Serious"
Meet the FAMAS #3 - "Generic Live Comms"

Meet the L85A2 #1 - "Naked"
Meet the L85A2 #2 - "Hrm..." 
Meet the L85A2 #3 - "The Future" 

Meet the AUG A3 #1 - "Naked"
Meet the AUG A3 #2 - "Goto Loadout/Ramblings" 

Meet the SCAR-L 

Meet the M4 #1 - "Naked" 
Meet the M4 #2 - "So, You Prefer Assault Rifles?" 
Meet the M4 #3 - "Flanker: Redux" 

Meet the AKS-74u #1 - "Naked" 
Meet the AKS-74u #2 - "Mr. Fixit" 

Meet the SCAR-H #1 - "Naked" 
Meet the SCAR-H #2 - "This Seems Familiar..." 
Meet the SCAR-H #3 - "D-Day 2014" 
Meet the SCAR-H #4 - "SnipAR-H"

Meet the A-91 
Meet the G36C 
Meet the SG553
Meet the G53
Meet the QBZ-95B 
Meet the ACW-R
Meet the MTAR-21 

Meet the M27 IAR
Meet the RPK-74M 
Meet the M249 
Meet the PKP Pecheneg 
Meet the M240B

Meet the M60E4 #1 - "Naked" 
Meet the M60E4 #2 - "LMG Playstyle" 

Meet the Type-88 #1 - "Naked"
Meet the Type-88 #2 - "Versatility" 

Meet the QBB-95 #1 - "Naked" 
Meet the QBB-95 #2 - "Derp"
Meet the QBB-95 #3 - "CQB" 

Meet the MG36 #1 - "Naked"
Meet the MG36 #2 - "Suppression and Other Patch Stuff" 

Meet the L86A2
Meet the LSAT

Meet the Mk.11 Mod.0 

Meet the SVD #1 - "Naked"
Meet the SVD #2 - "Worst Team of All Time?" 

Meet the SV-98
Meet the M40A5     

Meet the MP443

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Top 5 Reasons I Must Battlefield 3
Snipers Everywhere
Why I Prefer Battlefield to CoD
Gaming: Srs Bzns?
Fuck You, Internet/Battlefield 3 Incoming!
Skyrim, MW3, ME3
Bad Company 2 VS Battlefield 3


Brink First Impressions
Brink Medic Gameplay 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Beta Impressions
Advice For New CS Players

Counter-Strike: Source

Introducing Counter-Strike: Source
Introducing Counter-Strike: Source Part 2


Blatant Hacking
First Impressions
Gameplay Explanation 
Gaming Mentality

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

TtC Enjoys: Medal of Honor Warfighter
First Impressions
Final Verdict 

Tribes Ascend

Introducing Tribes: Ascend
500 Subscribers!
Tribes Ascend Released! 


Let's Play GTA IV
A History of Gaming
Medal of Honor MP Commentary/Impressions
My Thoughts on Modern Warfare 3
Introducing Blacklight Retribution
Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Impressions
Max Payne 3: Should You Buy It? 
Crysis 2 Multiplayer Impressions 
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Impressions 
TtC Enjoys MW3! 
TtC Enjoys MW3! Part 2 
TtC Enjoys MW3! Part 3 
XCOM: Enemy Unknown is DOPE