General Info

I'm just a guy who loves video games, and who loves talking about them... and a little spotlight every now and then. I'm into heavy gameplay analysis and joking around about unrelated bullshit.

Forever in pursuit of just having a good time, don't expect things to get too super-serious even when I'm talking about something pretty in-depth.

If you want to see more of my content, check out these links to my Blog, YouTube channel, and Facebook page. You can even join a Steam group and get in contact with me and other folks from the stream!

Send Me Stuff!

You can send fan/hate mail to or PayPal donations to , or use the thingy below. Donors will be rewarded with so much love I can't even.

You can also send me games on Steam. If you wish to do so, add me as a friend from the Steam Group. Please do not do this unless you want to donate – the whole purpose of the group is to stop my friends list getting too cluttered. Generally speaking, a money donation is preferable for a variety of reasons, but I'm always very happy to receive games, too. There's even a good chance I'll stream a donated game.



Chat Rules

#1 – Be Respectful. You are free to have an opinion. You're free to have an unpopular opinion, or an opinion that me or my moderators or whoever else strongly disagrees with. And you're free to state that opinion! However, if you can't do so in a way which is respectful, you're likely to be timed out or banned for repeat infractions. Direct insults or personal attacks on anybody – myself, mods, other viewers – could result in immediate removal depending on severity.

Included in this rule – racism, homophobia, extreme religious intolerance, etcetera, can be grounds for immediate removal. It's very hard to be racist in a respectful fashion. To be clear – even if you are joking, these things can get you in trouble. There's a difference between joking around with some friends and throwing something potentially hurtful out at a large audience on the internet. I love freedom of speech. But this isn't the right arena for your bigotted remarks and stupid, unfunny jokes that everybody has probably already heard 50 times before.

#2 – No Spoilers! Especially regarding the game currently being played. If you've played the game before, do not talk about anything that happens at any point after the exact moment that I am currently up to. It ruins things for me, and for any other viewers who haven't played the game before. But this can also apply to other things. Spoiling recently released games, movies, sporting events, whatever, can be grounds for a time-out as well. Super-major spoilers about the currently played game may lead to an immediate ban. Massive dick move, bro.

#3 – Don't Tell Me What To Do! You're free to make requests if you want to see a certain game, or if you'd like me to do something in particular in the game I'm currently in, or whatever. In line with #1, please phrase these as requests, not demands. If you make a request and I say no or do not respond to it, do not restate the same or a similar request. This will not get you anything but a harsh word and the possibility of a time-out. I'm here to entertain you, but I'm also trying to have a good time myself, and to do my own thing. Nobody likes a backseat driver.

#4 – The Standard Other Stuff! Don't spam. Don't use all caps. Don't post links unless you super-know it's okay, or you get permission from me or a mod (ask if you're not sure).

TL;DR - Basically, use your common sense regarding what is and isn't acceptable conduct in a LiveStream chatroom. If you don't have it, there's a good chance you'll end up timed-out, banned, or laughed out of the stream. I am very patient with people – perhaps too patient. Not all my mods are the same way, though, and don't expect me to save your ass if you pick a fight with Sparky. Have fun, joke around, debate controversial topics, make fun of each other, or the mods, or me. Just use some common sense about where the boundaries are, or there'll be a righteous banhammer flying your way sooner rather than later. In real life, you can't always punch somebody in the face just because they're being kind of a dick. In stream chat, we pretty much can. And that's a glorious thing.


Where are you from?

I live in Sydney, Australia. I was born in the US, and maintain the accent to this day despite having moved here when I was only 6 uears old. Well, mostly.

When do you stream?

Sporadically, normally in the afteroons/evenings/nights Sydney time. I don't know what time this is in whatever your local timezone is. If you want to know when I go live, the best bet is to follow the stream.

What games do you stream?

Whatever I'm in the mood for. Single-player shooters and RPGs, and multi-player competitive shooters, mostly.

What system are you playing on?

PC. I have other platforms but I do almost all of my gaming on PC, and I only stream PC games.

What are your PC Specs?

CPU: AMD 1090T Black Edition (6 cores @ 3.2gHz)
RAM: 8gb Corsair 1600mHz
Graphics: GTX 570 1280mb

What do you use to stream?

Xsplit and Dxtory. No, I'm not going to list or tell you all the settings I use, not because I'm mean but because there are a lot of settings and I don't want to take up too much room here, nor am I going to take the time out of the stream to explain how I've got this all set up. It's not because I'm mean! You should be able to find all the info you need to get started streaming with Google, it's what I did!

How old are you?

Are you a stalker? I'm 21.

Do you wear pants when you stream?


Can I have your address?

No further questions.


April 3rd, 2012