Nov 21, 2010

Games as Artistic Media (Or Not) - Foreword

I've decided to upload, over the next few weeks or months, the entirety of my Year 12 major project thesis. The topic, “Video Games as Artistic Media (Or Not)” has an obvious relevance to this blog, and it gives me something quick and easy to upload if I can't think of/don't have time for a post on a given day. This thesis was originally written as part of the Steiner Certificate that my school (obviously, a Steiner/Waldorf school) offers and is around 25 000 words long, hence why it will be uploaded in many parts (probably between 15 and 20). I may upload a PDF containing the entire thesis at the end of its publication.

I'll be making a few edits and changes as I re-publish, largely where I think it reads a little better if I had maybe considered using some slightly better wording or choices in the area of the phrasing of the thing, or where i notice A grammatical, error.

But by and large it'll be the same thesis it was when I finished it around this time last year – if there are points where it really seems like I should've mentioned some more recent games or developments, that'll be the reason why.

Without further ado, the introduction.

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