Mar 3, 2011

Mojang Announce "Scrolls"

Yesterday Mojang (famous for developing Minecraft) announced their next game, Scrolls, along with putting up a website with some basic information and a really terrible font. The game isn't being developed specifically by Markus "Notch" Presson who designed and did the majority of the work thus far on Minecraft, but is being designed by Jakob Porser, who is, as I understand it, a recent hire to Mojang (which only fairly recently actually became a company) but a long-time friend of Notch.

The game appears to be essentially a trading-card game. It seems like the website hints at their being something more to the game but at this stage it's really hard to discern what that might be, exactly.

I love Minecraft and I hope that Scrolls turns out to be an equally unique and enjoyable game, but it's not really clear yet why I should care or be excited. Still, I'll remain optimistic for the time being and keep an eye on its development.

The game's webiste can be found here.

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