Mar 4, 2011

Vlog - Webcam Test

Well, I have officially passed the point of no return. My face is on YouTube.


  1. Looks pretty good, I do like the ramblings actually (interesting in the context of a webcam test). Sound/ video is good.

    Maybe (i dont know how much work would be involved in this) try and set up a slightly more appealing backdrop (possibly even hang something on the blinds... its a lot of white-ish on white)

    Also, and this is picking at threads, try not to roll your eyes backwards(up). It just looks a bit unnatural. Looking off to the sides/ other directions appears fine. Possibly its just me.

    In terms of new computer... is that enough space to ensure adequate airflow to cool 'the new hotness'?

  2. Thanks for the tips. I genuinely don't mind receiving criticism even if it is, in your words, picking at threads. Every little bit helps. I noticed the background didn't look too hot as well, might look at recording facing a different direction or finding a sheet or something to hang up back there.

    As for airflow, it should be okay. According to the BIOS the idle temperatures are a little bit high, but well within the acceptable area. Won't know how it performs under load until I can actually get windows installed, but the top fans empty towards the back of the case and the vent is angled backwards also, so it should dump it out the back there instead of trapping it in the little cubby-hole thing.

    If it's a problem I can always sit it beside my desk instead and use that hole for storing games or books or something.