Jun 23, 2011

APB: Bookie On The Run 10-3

Not quite the same kind of score as the other games I've posted, but this was a decent match. I'll probably try to focus on higher score games, but it doesn't hurt to post a more middling result every now and then if it was a good game, I think.

Probably start talking about more random topics in future videos instead of focusing solely on the gameplay, although obviously there's a lot more ground to cover in that regard as well.


  1. Why dont you cook nades ?? :/

  2. I do sometimes. It depends on the purpose of the nade. If I want to get a kill or deal damage directly I'll cook it. Other times, you just want to cover your retreat or stop the enemy running through a certain location. In these cases, dropping a nade there guarantees that the enemy won't run up (unless they're very silly and like running onto explosives). Other times, you may not know exactly where an enemy is, but would like to force them to move or draw them out if possible. Again, the fact that they can see the grenade there for a while is possibly more effective than an immediate explosion. It all depends on what you're trying to do.

  3. Also if you're standing in a dangerous spot where you can easily be shot while waiting for a grenade to cook, but want to throw one for any reason, it's better to quickly chuck it off, after which you can defend yourself with your gun again. Can think of more reasons too.

    Basically, there are a lot of time where you might not want to cook a grenade.

  4. Not that I'm claiming my play is flawless and I never fail to cook when cook I should have probably done.