Jun 20, 2011

APB One Man Army-ing 17-3

Sorry about the quality of the recording with the VO, mic positioning was a tad off. Levels should be a bit better now, though.

In this video I show some one vs. many gameplay and talk a little bit about how this bronze threat group could've played better to avoid a facerolling.


  1. Do you think the Star is better than the N-tec for mid/long range combat?

  2. It depends. I think they're about even to be honest, however, the STAR is a little bit easier to use at those distances. With the N-tec you need to be careful about one-shotting and taking it easy, wheras the STAR can pull of more accurate consecutive shots a little easier. Honestly, they both fill pretty much the same niche of being dominant at medium range with some long range and short range ability. I'd say the Joker Carbine is also in this category.