Jul 26, 2011

Engage the Awesome #1 - Learning a Game

So, there are a few hitches still to be worked out, but all things considered I'm pretty happy with how this went. Well enough to be getting on with, certainly.HOPEFULLY episode #2 will be LiveStreamed on Friday, and uploaded on Saturday. I would like to make this the regular weekly schedule. Not sure what time on Friday yet, will try to announce on FB page a few days in advance. I'm hoping doing live will help to improve energy and such. Episode not bad, but could be much more entertaining, I think. I suppose it's a bit of a dry topic as well. I don't know.

In any case, I'm certainly okay with this as a starting point.


  1. Epicness, man, liking it very much. :D For me, I find this sort of thing interesting anyway, without having to throw in humour or whatever. Different for different people I guess.

    It sounds like you're going to be doing a fair bit of this on shooters. Are you planning to also show how these things could pan across to other genres, like RPGs or RTSs, for example?

    And if you don't have something that records your games and stuff so that you can watch it back (like you do), what would you suggest doing instead? Is it worth trying to find one of those, or just pause the game when stuff happens and write it down?

  2. Oh, and like the opening sequence :D Where'd you get the music from?
    Plus, any chance of putting up a schedule of future episodes somewhere?

  3. I definitely plan to look at other genres down the line. I'm primarily a shooter player, but I also do get into RTSs, and especially RPGs.

    It's hard to do this level of analysis without playing back, but as I think I mentioned in the video, generally speaking you can learn a lot just by paying attention to whats going on when you're playing and taking mental notes. The notepad document/playback thing just lets you really break things down.

    The music from the opening sequence if from Wolfenstein 3D.

    I'd like to put up a schedule for future episodes, but I'm not 100% sure of what the regular schedule will be. That'll probably happen after I get a few more episodes out, and uni goes back, and I can get a better sense of just how quickly I can these done.

    The current plan is to LiveStream episode 2 at noon Sydney-time on Friday, and then upload it to Blip on saturday morning, but I can't promise this will happen - I don't quite have the footage/loose script worked out yet. In THEORY I'll get that done easily tomorrow during the day, though. But these theories don't always work out :p

  4. Haha. Cool. To all of the above :D Though unfortunately I won't be around if you're going to do the livestream at that time, going around to catch up with a friend. Will definitely be checking out the vidya when you post it up though :)