Aug 12, 2011

Let's Play Limbo Part 1

I LiveStreamed this entire playthrough, so there's a fair bit of audience interaction going down.

It took me about 4 hours, so expect around 16 parts.

Added a death counter for added hilarity.


  1. Jill of the Jungle was epicness :D liking the look of the game, minimalistic yet not excessively so. Also looking forward to that death montage, if you ever get round to it :D you thinking of livestreaming playthrough of Ctulhu as well?

  2. I could find a good way to stream Cthulhu. I can still do an LP, just not recorded from Live. I'd like to do this, but it might have to wait until after Human Revolution, depending on how long it ends up taking me to upload all of Limbo.

  3. *COULDN'T find a good way to stream Cthulhu.

  4. Oh well. Human Revolution then?