Jun 12, 2013

Repurposing The Blog

When I started this website back in late 2010, I was mostly planning to do text content. Reviews, culture rants, stuff like that. I had no real plans to move into video and I certainly didn't think I'd end up with people who actually pay attention to the things I do of their own volition. I pretty much only make videos now, though, and while I've gotten some use out of the email addresses associated with owning the domain, I don't really use this site for anything anymore. BUT NOW I WILL.

I realised late last year it's kind of pointless just linking back to my YouTube videos on an external site when everyone's going to watch them on YouTube anyway. And there's no point spending the time maintaining the site if I'm not doing something that actually has some kind of value to somebody.

So here's the new plan: Use this blog as a blog (shocking, I know). I'm planning to restructure this site around posting up additional content surrounding the core of what I produce, the vidya. Mostly this'll entail only updating every now and then, when I actually have something additional to say about one of my videos. When I upload a Vlog I might put up some more detail about a topic in text over here. When I upload short video reviews I can give more detail about the game in text. Maybe when I finish an LP I'll have some reflections on it to make. You know, things in addition to just the videos you probably already saw on YT and that might actually be interesting to people. And of course I'll link back to the website in the relevant videos so that people who mostly just follow through YouTube (pretty much everyone) know that there's more to be known if they're willing to read for a couple minutes.

This'll be starting to happen very soon. In fact I've got some additional explanation I want to do about a video I'm uploading right now. But won't really come into full-swing for a couple more weeks, when my exams are done.

Who knows, I might also post random crap from my real life that people might find interesting.

Like some kind of... blog. Or something.

Prepare your body.

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  1. Awesome :D Been a long time since we've seen anything happening here, so it's cool that you're getting back into it again :)