Dec 11, 2010

Facepalm: No decision reached on R18+ rating for games

Yesterday the various Attorney Generals met, with one of the key topics of discussion being the addition of an R18+ rating to the Australian classification system for games, thereby bringing the system in line with our classification for films and with other first-world countries.

Unfortunately, despite assurances that the issue would be more-or-less settled in this meeting, they have decided to delay a decision instead, despite general recognition of the massive public support for the motion. Press releases seem to indicate that there was a general agreement that some kind of change in the ratings system was warranted, and reasons for the delay are less than clear, with persons present at the meeting quick to assure the public that a lot of progress was made, without any clear indication of what THIS means, either.

Maybe there's more to the picture than what I'm seeing, but it seems like this is just another pointless stall against a motion with immense popular support, and another slap in the face to Australian gamers, anti-censorship advocates, and the behemoth gaming industry. The next meeting at which this issue could possibly, maybe be resolved is in early 2011. Here's some links with more info;

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